sailboatimplosion.jpgThis Sunday, bright and early in the morning, a building will be destroyed on Governors Island with 200 lbs of dynamite. And while there are a few places where you'll be able to get a glimpse of the implosion, there's only one place where you can do it while drinking prosecco on a boat. This Sunday, witness the Governors Island building demolition from Manhattan By Sail's prized schooner, which will circle the Island as you devour a full brunch spread.

The event page explains how awesome this will be: "Brunching (replete with prosecco bar) on a classic schooner in the New York Harbor while watching a half-century-old, 115-foot-tall building on Governors Island be decimated with dynamite: OMG, THERE ARE NO WORDS."

This "life-changing urban brunch-boat experience" will cost $95, and will start Sunday morning at 6:45 am (through 9 a.m.). A less life-changing experience would be to livestream the implosion while eating breakfast in bed, but it's an option none-the-less.

The building being leveled is Building 877, the tallest building on Governors Island at 115-feet and 11-stories high. It's a non-historic building, located on the island's southern end, and its demolition will make way for a new play lawn.