2006_10_bltburger.jpgLaurent Tourondel is so sly! And we are so confused. We read on Eater that BLT Burger wouldn't be open until next Tuesday, so we made appropriate plans. But someone just emailed us:

I discovered while walking down 6th Ave near my apt last night (Wed 10/25) that the latest iteration of the BLT chain had opened, without fanfare. Turned out, BLT Burger had been open for about 2 hrs when I decided to change my plan and give it a try (very good burger, outstanding fries). This is in a spot on the east side of 6th between 11th St. & 12th -- a seemingly promising spot that’s been a sinkhole of death for numerous restaurants over the past 20 yrs, the latest a fish joint that closed a few months ago.

Looks to me like BLT Burger has a shot, though, partly because of the obvious advantage of the BLT moniker and the established following that goes with it, partly because it’s a nice simple concept, apparently well-executed. Friendly staff too – though you’d kind of expect that when they’d only been open for 2 hrs. One waiter told me they weren’t even warned the opening would happen yesterday.

So is this a soft opening? We expect a torrent of burger enthusiasts to be rushing to the scene. Let us know if the burgers and fries are indeed flowing.