The foul-mouthed cop who danced her way to Internet notoriety probably isn't feeling so jovial. According to CBS, the fiesty cop who told a street vendor to "blow me, bitch" during a confrontation over a ticket is under investigation after a video of her performance went viral.

"That's been referred to the civilian complaint review board," explained Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. The CCRB, which operates independently of the NYPD, handles complaints about police misconduct, including claims of "discourtesy" by officers when interacting with a citizen. As defined by the board, discourtesy refers to "cursing and using other foul language or gestures," both of which were employed—and caught on video!—by the officer in question. “Once in a while you get a bad apple," Kelly went on to say. "It doesn’t mean that the whole NYPD is bad.”

According to the vendor, who wanted his identity kept a secret, the trouble started when the officer ticketed him for illegally parking his truck in Herald Square. "I try to explain in the full video, can you explain why I'm not allowed to be here and she couldn’t come up with an answer," he told CBS. Instead of courteously and professionally explaining the violation, the officer offered up the adult and totally mature version of nanny nanny poo poo.