March isn't just bringing a fare hike to New Yorkers: Come March 12th Nanny Bloomberg's controversial ban on large sugary drinks kicks in across the five boroughs. But a new poll shows that it is still quite controversial among New Yorkers—especially those outside of Manhattan.

According to the latest out of Quinnipiac, only 46 percent of New Yorkers support the ban while 51 percent oppose it. Slightly down from the 54 percent who opposed the ban last August, but right in line with the 51 percent who opposed it last June. And not a great sign for something even Fox News hates.

According to the survey, opposition appears to be strongest among black voters. While white voters were pretty evenly split on the ban 48/49, black voters were much more critical of the plan with 60 percent opposed and 38 percent in favor.

Beyond race, the other big predictor of your feelings about the soda squashing seems to be where you live. While Manhattanites support the ban 57 percent to 39 percent and Brooklynites are split 49/49 residents of Queens (42/56), the Bronx (38/60) and Staten Island (31/67) are firmly against it. Not that Hizzoner seems to care too much about what his constituents feel. His Department of Health is going to pour this ban down our throats whether we like it or not. At least Governor Cuomo doesn't want to take it statewide!