Sometimes, Michael Bloomberg, it is like we hardly know you. Though you've been Mayor of New York City for what seems like decades, your personal tastes continue to surprise. Like, we know you like salt (though maybe not for the rest of us), and Chinese food for lunch, and hot sausages—but your favorite vegetable is iceberg lettuce? Really?

At a press conference yesterday in which Bloomberg proudly announced that all of the city's farmers markets can now accept food-stamp-backed "Health Bucks," Hizzoner was asked what the soda-banning billionaire's favorite veggie was: "Steak, I always say," he joked. Ha, ha!

But then he got serious! "No, I mean, I like carrots and lettuce. Iceberg lettuce I’m a big fan of. Cucumber and radishes. I like chewy things. Things you can really sink your teeth into. I snack on them all the time."

Jeez, Bloomberg. We thought you grew up in Boston not the Midwest! Still, the Daily News makes a point to go and find a nutritionist who will admit that, "There are other dark-green leafy vegetables that may have more nutrients, but iceberg lettuce is not a total zero." Nope, not a total zero. Unless you are talking about taste.