We know that New Yorkers are a bunch of slobbering salt monsters who can strip the crystals off a Super Pretzel faster than you can say "hypertension." But don't prisoners deserve a modicum of salt to take the pain away of you know, being in prison? Mayor Bloomberg apparently disagrees: buried in his much decried budget is a provision that would slash $350K from the Corrections Department's food budget, the Daily News reports. Can't we give the salt demonizing a rest since it doesn't even give you heart disease?

In what sounds like a list of the only things in our fridge, the mayor has cut "bread, pepper, ice cream, pudding and ketchup" quantities from the prisoners' diets. This may seem like a small outrage given the millions of dollars being cut from uniformed employees, children and homeless services, and thousands of teachers losing their jobs, but dammit it's the little things. Look for the value of condoms full of Mrs. Dash to skyrocket on the prison market very soon.