As Mayor Bloomberg prepares to leave office, he's starting to get nostalgic. During his radio show with John Gambling on WOR 710, Bloomberg discussed the upcoming revamped "casual" Tavern on the Green. The old Tavern on the Green was a famous tourist trap with whimsical ambiance and lackluster food, and according to Politicker, "Mr. Bloomberg credited [its] the fact that people were too scared to go anywhere else."

"In those days, the streets weren’t safe and you couldn’t go to most restaurants," Bloomberg said. The new restaurant is scheduled to open this year, and the mayor looked forward to the more relaxed atmosphere it will have, "Today, the streets are safe and there’s lots of restaurants so you have to appeal to a different genre of food. And this is gonna be very elegant and fit into the park decor and the kind of food that people today who are in the park want."

Whatever—we can't believe the mayor is ignoring the fact that Tavern on the Green patrons don't give a crap when people are being chased by Zuul's dog!