Mayor Bloomberg has made public health initiatives one of the cornerstones of his administration—smoking, trans fats, salt, and now the soda ban, which kicks into effect on March 12th. But despite being a fat-hating autocrat, Bloomberg isn't without sympathy for those who are trying to shed pounds. This morning on his WOR radio program, he gave some heartfelt advice to people trying to lose weight: stop eating so much, you fatties. "If you eat less than 2,000 calories you'll lose weight," he said today. "If you eat more than 2,000 calories, you'll gain weight. Now some things metabolize more quickly than others. And everyone says I should go on this kind of diet or that kind of diet. Don't eat and you'll lose weight." In other words: don't eat, and just deal with it.

"You have to run for half an hour for one muffin. So it's i not exercise, it's overeating. Exercise contributes," Bloomberg reasoned. Maybe this is why we've see so many photos of Bloomberg eating things, but almost none of him working out. After all, it took a blizzard for him to spend any time with his "running machine" lately.

Considering that all but the skinniest of Manhattan-ites seem to be against the soda ban, Bloomberg spent some more time defending it, arguing it was an educational measure more than anything else: "So it's an educational thing. It doesn't prevent you from doing it, and it doesn't mean a store has to charge you more. I mean, it's ridiculous to say it's the cost of an extra cup. If the cost of an extra cup is really a detriment if they're going to be in business, they're not going to be in business."

Which is all a very nice way of saying, "don't blame me if movie theaters start charging more for drinks, they don't have to!" At least we now know that Bloomberg likely doesn't go for "You're The One For Me, Fatty" at karaoke nights in Bermuda: