Despite his millions, Mayor Bloomberg drinks the heavenly-tasting NYC tap water just like everyone else, and he doesn't think there's a goshdarn thing wrong with it—and he's not afraid to give the EPA a piece of his mind.

Bloomberg recently criticized a $1.6 billion federal mandate from the EPA about how to protect the municipal water sources across the country. The regulation called for the city to place a 90-acre cover over the Hillview Reservoir in Yonkers, but Bloomberg explained, quite simply, that the Reservoir doesn't need protection, which will undoubtedly cost billions. "We are confident that the EPA will ultimately come to the conclusion that a one-size-fits-all rule is inappropriate in this case, and New York City does not need a 90-acre concrete cover to protect the water we are already successfully keeping clean," Mr. Bloomberg said.

The Hillview Reservoir was one of the examples Bloomberg cited in his 15-page letter to the EPA that called such regulations "unnecessary, and the EPA has since agreed to review its regulations. Plus one for Mike! Seriously, how could the EPA even think to mess with the water that helps produce the world's finest bagels?