Mayor Bloomberg has forced you to smoke in an underground shame bunker, taken away your trans fats, stripped your food of salt, and forced you to face the caloric facts about your favorite fast food products. He wants you to stop using your food stamps to buy sugar, and urges pedaling peacefully along the pristine bike path to NYC's car-free future. So why is he giving out full-size candy bars to children on Halloween, instead of apples and raisins?

Sources tell City Room the that trick-or-treaters who rant the bell at Bloomberg's five-story Beaux Arts town house on the Upper East Side were given big Snickers and Twix bars out of a plastic pumpkin "as Mr. Bloomberg’s security team looked on." But there's no hypocrisy here, because it was Mickey Mouse (or a man dressed like him) peddling the junk food, not Mayor Bloomberg. He was probably handcuffed to a Nordic Track in the basement. (In Bermuda.)