As we learned in Salt: A World History by Mark Kurlansky, the market for "gourmet salts" has been a pretty recent phenomenon, but quick to take hold. Not everyone's impressed by the uniform cubes of table salt anymore. Pair that with a national crackdown on salt intake and you've got a backlash of pure salt fetishism. Enter The Meadow, the city's newest salt emporium.

After opening the first location in Portland, Mark and Jennifer Bitterman opened up their West Village location last week. One friend tells us they have over 130 varieties of salt, most of which you can see on the website. There's everything from Icelandic hot springs salt to sel gris, smoked salt to "Vanilla Finishing Salt" from Wales. Selmelier (yup, that's a word) Mark Bitterman has also published what he calls the first salt classification book ever: Salted.

They've also got a selection of chocolate (a few salted, of course), syrups, bitters, and even flowers. Above, we've included a few of the more intriguing selections with their serving suggestions. We definitely want to try the "Djiboutie Boule," which you're either supposed to drink with vodka or use to make "meat-encrusted salt balls." (That's what she said.)

523 Hudson Street, 212-645-4633