Less than two years after it opened Zagat Buzz is reporting that Paul Sevigny and Nur Khan's briefly inescapable hotspot Kenmare has closed. In its place a new concept will launch in the coming months. But where will the skinny models go and not eat now?

Kenmare had a rocky road from the get-go, with neighbors bemoaning its booming "soft open" period and loudly worrying that it was just Beatrice Inn 2: Italian Boogaloo. Not to mention the mixed reviews. And the departure of chef Joey Campanaro in March only furthered the place's reputation as being a sceney place where food was not the priority, something we're sure helped explain why the spot was still pulling in the skinny set when we walked by during the last Fashion Week.

On non-Fashion Weeks, however, it seems it was hard to pull in people for high-end Italian food with meh service when they could just as easily get all the surly service they want a few blocks east in Little Italy and devour actually good expensive Italian food at Michael White's Osteria Morini a block to the west.

Still, Kenmare, we'll pour a little (very little) out for you tonight.