Max Fish might be fleeing the Lower East Side for more Brooklyn-ey pastures, but it looks like a little bit of the Times' favorite borough is headed over to Manhattan: Brooklyn-based eatery Black Tree opened an outpost on Orchard Street last week, and they're promising to bring their brand of "hyper-local" sandwiches and drinks to the 'hood.

Black Tree's flagship location opened just last year at the Crown Inn Bar in Crown Heights; proprietors Sandy Hall and Macnair Sillick, who both live in Brooklyn, say the shop sticks to locally-sourced ingredients and gourmet recipes, because welcome to 2013. All ingredients are farm-fresh and come from within a 300-mile radius, though until they one-up their hometown and start harvesting spelt and kale on their windowsills, color us unimpressed. Then again, Black Tree's no Subway: menu items include a short rib sandwich ($12) made with ale braised short rib and blue cheese dressing, a house-smoked duck banh mi ($12) made with duck pate and pickled ramps and a broccoli rabe sandwich ($10), served with cheddar sauce and potato chips. Plus, they probably won't short you on any inches (but we make no promises).

Black Tree also serves brunch on Saturdays and Sundays until 4:30 p.m., with special dishes like frittatas and breakfast sandwiches.

Most importantly, since apparently no artisanal sandwich should be had without a cocktail in hand, lest the Gourmet Gods of Eating alight from Mount Olympus to remove the Valencia filter from your Instagram account, Black Tree also serves specialty cocktails like the A Tree Grows in Manhattan ($11), made with McKenzie rye whiskey, and a cucumber-infused Keep It Green ($11) made with gin distilled in Brooklyn. They've also got a selection of vodka, rum, whiskey, tequila, and, gin, all made in New York State, along with some local beers like Sixpoint Crisp ($6) and Ommegang Witte ($5). Your move, 7-Eleven.

Black Tree is located at 131 Orchard Street between Rivington and Delancey Street on the Lower East Side (212-533-4684, Cash only.