Lower East Side bagel upstarts Black Seed have caused quite a stir in the bagel community since opening their shop back in the spring. Not only have their Montreal- and New York-style bagels been a hit for their chewy exteriors and big holes, the shop has ushered the schmeer into the next generation, topping the dough rings with combinations like tobiko spread, salmon and butter lettuce and beet-cured salmon, horseradish cream cheese, radishes and herbs. Now, they're taking on a different New York institution: the breakfast sandwich.

We're talking oozy eggs, melty cheese and breakfast meats like bacon, which the team sources from their other Canadian-Jewish eatery Mile End. Eggs are baked in a wood oven until over medium, then topped with cheddar cheese, smokey Mile End bacon and nestled in your choice of their hand-rolled bagels. Vegetarians can opt for the same egg and cheese treatment but with avocado and tomato instead of the pork.

Pickled Belly Lox Spread, Sprouts, Red Onion

In addition to the classic egg sammies, the shop also debuted more anytime staples, including a Pickled Belly Lox Spread topped with sprouts and red onion (pictured above), a BLTB—that's what we're calling it—with bacon, lettuce, tomato and spicy mayonnaise and a tuna melt draped with Swiss cheese. Check out the full menu below; note, these sandwiches aren't priced like your local bodega, but your local bodega probably isn't wood-firing their own bagels.

Black Seed Menu