Now that we've hyped the cronut into an exalted state of global fame and subsequently torn it down with a single viral vermin video, it's time to turn our king-making gaze upon a new target: Black Seed bagel. These new Montreal-style hand-rolled bagels, from Mile End's Noah Bernamoff, finally debuted last week in SoHo to instant accolades and incredibly long lines. This was the scene just two days ago, where the wait time was an hour, according to Instagram's Danielle Schwob:

Those are good bagels, Walter. But are they worth waiting an hour or more for? That is a decision only you can make, as you weigh the balance of your absurdly limited time on Earth against the taste of yeasty dough in your mouth-hole. Today, however, you have no choice at all. Black Seed said fuck it today. Their publicist assures us the closure is for the purposes of "calibrating and giving staff a rest. They will be back open tomorrow."

Let the record show that the only Black Seed bagels consumed in New York City on April 28th, 2014 will be those devoured by VIPs at the charity food fundraiser Taste of the Nation this evening. Cronut creator Dominique Ansel will also be on hand serving his suddenly-passe pastries—who will be the first foodiot to make a Black Seed bagel Waffogato sandwich? [h/t Eater]