[Update below] When it came to his third term election Michael Bloomberg was able to spend $174.53 per vote, but now that he's got the job (again) Hizzoner is getting stingy. At least when it comes to Halloween candy. After years of handing out full-size candy bars, this year the staff at Bloomberg's Upper East Side mansion were only handing out the "fun-size" kind. After all, sugar will kill you.

It is unclear why the mayor's people decided to go fun-size this year (fears of childhood obesity?). We reached out to the mayor's office to inquire why, after so many years of making Upper East Side children fat and happy, Bloomberg's people decided to skimp on the candy. But they've declined to comment (at least initially, see update below). It isn't like he wasn't spending cash money on candy in the first place. According to a police officer stationed outside the mayor's house the billionaire from Boston gave out "A thousand dollars' worth of candy" this year.

Seems to us this is just another sign that Michael Bloomberg is so over being mayor.

Update: When asked about the candy downsizing by reporters today Bloomberg said, "I heard that, but you’ve got to talk to Elmo [a man in an Elmo suit was giving the candy out outside Bloomberg's mansion]. It is not something that I was consulted on. Talk to Elmo, but I do know we gave out an awful lot of candy. When I stopped by on my way between events, it was mobbed outside. And I still have,from the Jackson Heights parade, I’ve got my own Snickers which I was given. I’m saving for an emergency. Other questions? Okay."