Our newest Brisketeer: Mr. Bill Murray

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Urban sprite and spiritual cult leader Bill Murray regularly appears in unexpected places. You could be singing some karaoke and all of a sudden BOOM Bill Murray. Or eating sushi in Williamsburg when he manifests outside the window. This weekend, he'll be tending bar at a forthcoming Greenpoint bar—but sorry, this scheduled appearance is invite-only.

Murray's son Homer is opening up a new restaurant and bar, 21 Greenpoint, in the former River Styx space and tapped his dad to pour drinks at a pre-opening celebration Friday and Saturday nights. It seems the signals got crossed, however, when Homer told Eater that everyone was welcome.

"People can walk in; just be nice," he told the website. "What my dad lacks in experience, he makes up for in tequila.''

Hold up: turns out, that's not true. Reps for the restaurant tells us this is a "closed, by-invite only event with Bill Murray, and it is not open to the public. The public will not be able to get in on Friday and Saturday."

Sorry folks, looks like you'll have to try your luck in the wild or eat every possible meal at the new restaurant—which opens to the public September 21—until he finally appears. It shouldn't take too long.