The Meatpacking District will soon get a 20,000 square foot Starbucks store, located just one block from Chelsea Market. And it's not just any old chain—the "Starbucks Reserve and Tasting Room," which comes complete with a restaurant, cafe and lounge, will be the biggest Starbucks ON EARTH and has been described as "coffee as theatre." In other sad news, that NY Post apocalyptic asteroid story was debunked.

When this Starbucks Palace Of Dreamz finally rises from the ashes at 61 Ninth Avenue, we mere mortals will be able to experience coffee "roasted on-site," learn about roasting and brewing techniques, and sample Starbucks's special "Reserve" coffee, which I assume tastes just as shitty as regular Starbucks but costs more.

The company says the Starbuxxx Coffee 4DX Theatre Self-Actualization Shopping Centre Experience Center is expected to open in 2018. Until then, you can sate your desire for StarbucKxS coffee on every block in New York City, or you can get much better coffee pretty much anywhere else.