There are more than 1,700 Panera Bread locations nationwide, each one serving hundreds of pastries and sandwiches a day without incident. But you never hear about all those perfectly baked treats that are served up daily without sharp objects embedded in them—people only want to remember the ONE time a big rusty nail surfaced in a single lousy cookie. Which it did in Darien, Connecticut on November 25th.

A 7-year-old girl discovered a two-inch nail when she bit into a chocolate chip cookie her mother bought for her at Panera. "The 'twist shank' style nail lacked a sharp point and is consistent with those used in the construction of wood pallets," local police announced in a statement. "The nail is approximately 2 inches in length and has a rusted appearance."

Thankfully, the unidentified child was uninjured. Her mother notified police, and the store immediately pulled all cookies from their shelves. According to investigators, frozen cookie dough is shipped to the local store by a distributor where it is then baked. Police say there is no indication the nail was intentionally placed in the cookie and there are no other known victims. Just a child's innocent love of chocolate chip cookies, shattered forever.