The city's favorite innuendo-laden ice cream hawkers, The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, are movin' on up, announcing that they'll open a brick-and-mortar shop in the East Village this summer.

Co-owners Bryan Petroff and Doug Quint have secured a storefront on East 7th Street between 1st Avenue and Avenue A, and are hoping to open in mid-June. Expect to see favorites like The Salty Pimp (vanilla soft serve, dulce du leche, sea salt and chocolate dip) and the Bea Arthur (vanilla soft serve, dulce du leche and crushed Nilla wafers) on the menu, plus non-ice cream offerings like Danny's Macaroons and brownies and cookies from the Treats Truck. The duo hope to keep the space open late, sell T-shirts and other merch, and eventually sell their own homemade hard-packed ice cream and sundae toppings out of the store.

And fear not, roamers who prefer their ice cream out of a moving vehicle: the truck's not going away—Quint plans to be back behind the wheel soon (follow him on Twitter here). This isn't the only big news for the Big Gay Truck, either: a few weeks ago, they announced that they're writing a cookbook, too.