So you want to start brewing beer in your apartment, but are too lazy to go to an actual class on it? Good news! The Brooklyn Brew Shop (which is devoted to, you guessed it, brewing your own beer) has gone and written a whole new book on the topic. We'd say it was like Homebrewing for Dummies, but, well, turns out that already exists.

And we aren't just talking about one recipe: the Brooklyn Brew Shop's Beer Making Book boasts 52 beer recipes (including four gluten-free beers!), bottling instructions and an equipment guide and a whole section on topics like cooking with beer and how to grow your own hops. If you are looking to get into the brew your own scene we'd probably still start with a class, but buying a book certainly isn't going to hurt your beers. The book, which lists for $19.99, hits a bookstore near you on November 1.

And here's a helpful video from the Brew Shop that goes over the basics of brewing your own: