Since the babies in bars debate is so two years ago, let's take up the latest baby-and-beverage craze in Brooklyn: Babyccinos, also known as steamed milk topped off with some froth. Burn your tongues, BABY!

According to the Brooklyn Paper, "Moms and dads in neighborhoods like Park Slope, Fort Greene and Prospect Heights are ordering the small, foamy, surprisingly grown-up beverages for their pint-sized offspring." Sit and Wonder co-owner Gemma Redwood offers babyccinos—off the menu—and sells them for $2. Which sounds pretty good when a half-gallon of milk (probably about 10-13 babyccinos) can cost nearly $5!! Another version of the babyccino is a decaf cappuccino, which sounds like a horrible idea for children (there's still caffeine in decaffeinated products, and caffeine is linked to 60% of child obesity cases).

The babyccino has been around for nearly a decade: Back in 2003, some British coffee joints were offering babyccinos at no cost while Australian cafes were using them to win adult coffee fiends; Starbucks has been offering them since at least 2007. But Gorilla Coffee is trying to hold the line, with Sean Chin saying, "I have one customer who says that and it annoys the hell out of me. It is not on our menu — which we are making an effort to stick to."