Instagram is great for many things, like documenting adorable pets, showing off your latest tattoo and creating "art." But for all the cute kitties on display, Instagram is all about food, namely obsessively chronicling every bite of food you stuff in your mouth hole. Here, that apparently applies to empanadas, jerk chicken and soup dumplings, as they are some of the most hashtagged food items in New York City.

Website Photoworld released The Food Capitals of Instagram, which looks at common types of food and their prevalence on the social media site. The results are then broken down by which cities are responsible for the most hashtags for that item, meaning we now know that 13% of Instagram's #empandas posts come out of NYC. Same for 9.2% of its #xiaolongbao posts and 8.5% of its #jerkchicken posts.

Xiao Long Bao at Diverse Dim Sum, Flushing Mall

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Also of note, our preponderance for posts about pizza, which make up 6.1% of the world's #pizza posts, nearly doubling our closest competitor in Los Angeles, who boast 3.2%. In fact, we post three times as many #pizza Instagrams as Naples (2.1%) and post more #pizza photos than Naples, Rome, Milan and Bologna combined. Obviously, we also beat out Chicago (1.8%), because come on.

There is some surprising data regarding other foodstuffs (London's obsession with pulled pork) and some not surprising (Canadian cities hold the top five spots of poutine). There are also some big name dishes missing from this list, like burgers and tacos and trendy chicken sandwiches. But there is no Cronut metric and for that, we are grateful.