If you are a lactarded pizza lover, you are already clued-in to the salad pizza: it's just like regular pizza, except without cheese, and with salad on top. At expensive restaurants, that would be a Pizza Margarita with salad toppings. We've spent many years inspecting the various salad pizzas around New York, and yesterday our research finally paid off: on a routine visit to Pie on 4th Avenue
we sampled two of their salad pizzas: a cooked version (left, with onions and mushrooms), and a fresh version (with lettuce and olive oil). Both were delicious, and far-and-away better than other salad pizzas we had sampled before. The key was the crust: it was thin, crunchy, with a slightly burnt undertone. If you are around Union Square today, you must try these pizzas. Only one drawback: slightly expensive-- the two slices above set us back $8 with an iced tea. [Related: SliceNY is your source for all NYC pizza questions.]