2006_03_food_bestofny.jpgNew York Magazine has released its Best of New York issue today, which includes some of its favorite food picks. Some argue that the restaurant pr machine has skewed the results, at least of the five new and noteworthy restaurants, but we're happy with at least some of the more valid-seeming choices scattered about the rest of the list.

We're huge fans of the fried fish tacos at Mercadito; we thoroughly enjoyed the three rums and three chocolates at Del Posto (including the mini-lecture on chocolate origin); and if the pickle plate is as good as everything else we've tried at Momofuku, we're all over it. But we'll admit, we''re somewhat skeptical of their judgment that a vegan cupcake can not only match, but surpass the butter, dairy, egg, and sugar-laden cupcakes to be found throughout the city. Sounds like it time for a smackdown between between BabyCakes and the lemon cupcake from Sugar Sweet Sunshine (our current favorite). Bring it.