logo-1.gifGothamist loves chocolate. In any form: plain, molded, baked into brownies or a cake. We sometimes justify our love with "It's good for us--its got antioxidants!" or "Today I really need the endorphin rush." (Yes, sometimes we substitute food for sex. So do you.)

We'll state the obvious: in baking and molding chocolate, the better quality the chocolate, the better the taste of the final product. We favor a Belgian chocolate, Callebaut, for baking. For tempering chocolate, we like French Valrhona. In general, the higher the cocoa butter content, the better the chocolate is for molding--the higher fat content makes melting and molding the chocolate a bit easier. We also love the brownie recipe on the Ghirardelli dark chocolate bars--so chewy and dense! Scharffen Berger (purchased by Hersheys last year) is good, too.

What's your favorite chocolate for baking or molding?