We got a few more months than expected, but charming Hell's Kitchen wine bar and cheese shop Kashkaval will close its doors on May 24th. The 16-year-old restaurant had been negotiating with the landlord, who had refused to renew their least last September. Unfortunately, negotiations were ultimately unsuccessful and they'll shutter at the end of the month.

The owners created a petition when this all began last year, eventually racking up 3,500 signatures from devoted fans, but the Clinton Housing Development Corporation was unmoved. "Kashkaval has been in the community since 1998 and is locally owned," co-owner Daniel Assaf said in a statement. "It's unfortunate we have to close under these circumstances. We have been great tenants, we pay a market rent and were willing to continue doing so. Our shop is successful and we employ over 30 people."

All is not lost, however, as Assaf tells us sister restaurant Kashkaval Garden, located next door at 852 9th Avenue, will be undergoing an expansion that includes an all-season garden in the backayrd. The space will provide seating for 60 and owners are hoping to have it up and running at some point later this year. To ease their transition next door, Kashkaval will offer patrons a voucher for a complimentary beverage at the Garden if they visit Kashkaval to say goodbye before the end of the month.