Some potentially distressing news for Fort Greene freelancers and Pratt students: Tillie's, the laid-back 14-year-old coffeeshop on the corner of Vanderbilt and DeKalb Avenues, is for sale.

Owners Patricia Mulcahy and Amos Yogev say they've simply been priced out of the location, which has grown increasingly trendy since they opened up shop in 1997. They put the entire store up on Craigslist for an asking price of $189,000, and are hoping to find a buyer who will "continue the spirit of the place," which basically means finding someone with an extremely high tolerance for all-day laptop lingerers and pseudo-intellectual bohemian types.

“It would be sad to see Tillie’s turn into something else,” one neighborhood regular told the Brooklyn Paper. “It’s very casual and free form. There’s no other place like it around here." Nope! Not any other coffeeshops in the neighborhood, not a one.