"Falconry meets exceptional bar food," may be the most cringeworthy way to open a press release, but here we are.

Fawkner is a new bar in Carroll Gardens that comes to you from the team behind The Bell House, Union Hall, and Floyd. "The name Fawkner is from an old term used to describe Falconry," the announcement declares. Okay.

The space will be 2300-square-feet, and house a bar, a fireplace, "cozy nooks," and a small backyard. You can also expect tons of booze (regional craft beer, whiskey, cocktails and wine), and a little bit of bar food, provided by consulting chef Adam Shepard of Lunetta on Smith Street. The menu includes a fried chicken sandwich with corn pudding & onion strings, boudin blanc with bacon and apple-beet slaw, steak and eggs, and frites with house mayo.

As for the atmosphere (something these guys excel at) it will be very Wes Anderson's Brooklyn. Which means:

The interior design of Fawkner incorporates a variety of themes, drawing inspiration from many sources including various wings of The American Museum of Natural History as well as 1940’s era travel advertisements to the popular National Parks. The space was designed by co-owners Jim Carden and Kevin Avanzato. “We wanted to create a space that had a variety of seating areas—each with a unique feel and vantage point. It’s a perfect place to come and have a great meal or just meet up with friends for drinks and not have those two worlds at odds" said co-owner Jim Carden.

Fawkner is located at 191 Smith Street, and opens on Saturday, September 19th at noon. Regular hours will be from 12 p.m. to 4 a.m. on weekends, 4 p.m. to 4 a.m. during the week.