Gothamist recently passed through JFK Airport for some business travel. In our early morning stupor, we were slapped awake by an incredible find at the Jet Blue terminal -- Cibo Express -- a food market filled with gourmet goodies.

As we are all well aware, the days of airline meals (at least for budget travelers) is long-gone, and we have gotten used to the idea of packing up something to take on our flights, but more often than not, the airport options are limited to McDonald's, Sbarro, and if you're "lucky," an Au Bon Pain. At Cibo Express, however, we were treated to a selection of prosciutto, sopressata, paté, goat cheese, caviar, smoked salmon, and wasabi peas.



Given the hour, we opted for a simple breakfast of hard-boiled eggs and a slice of cheddar cheese, for a grand total of $2.98, which was less than we expected. And we loved the cute little package. It's certainly not worth taking a special trip out to visit, but it is a welcome addition to any trip you take out of Terminal 6.

Cibo Express, JFK Airport, Terminal 6 (Jet Blue).