Madison Avenue just got a fat sweet treat from Belgium with the arrival of Neuhaus chocolate's third New York City location, which opened its doors a few weeks ago just three blocks from its Lexington Avenue location. The 1,500 square foot flagship store dwarfs its two brothers in size and amenities, like the on-site "museum" chronicling the history of the company alongside video of master chocolatiers at work crafting the sweets. And for those who desire a more hands-on approach to chocolate making, a master chocolatier will be on-call—presumably with a signature bubblegum chocolate pager—to conduct chocolate making workshops, parties and after hours tastings.

Of course, a chocolate shop must sell chocolate. On hand are the confectionery's signature pralines—which were first invented by Jean Neuhaus Jr. in 1912—filled with a wide assortment of ganaches and creams. (Disclosure: They sent a small box to Gothamist HQ last month and they were inhaled in short order. Excellent chocolate.) Chocolate bars and tablets of all sizes are for sale alongside carrés, themed chocolates and gift boxes. These chocolates don't come cheap, however, with a boxed selection of 20 pralines ringing up to a hefty $45, but that tax refund check isn't gonna cash itself! It's either that or opium pods!