#Cinnabun #DulceDeLeche #Milkshake, launching tomorrow! @bunsbar. Rp @eatingnewyork

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Did you think that perhaps you'd seen it all in the world of milkshakes after watching one of Black Tap's 2,5000 calorie monstrosities give one of our poor interns a permanent stomach ache? Well, much like how the nuclear arms race took us from clunky atom bombs delivered by airplanes to today's terrifying rocket-based ICBMs launched out of silos, the creation of one over the top milkshake only leads to competition from an even more insane milkshake. Behold, the CinnaBun Milkshake, a 25 ounce cruise missile of a milkshake that debuted today and is ready to wreak havoc on your body.

The $15 CinnaBun is made by Buns Bar in Chelsea, and is only available on weekend brunches, probably out of fear that feeding people this on weekdays would lead to so many sugar zombies the city would have to declare a state of emergency.

Buns Bar owner Luke Pascal told us that the shake was made of the following: a cream cheese-frosted glass garnished with mini-marshmallows and French Toast Crunch on the outside, dulce de leche ice cream on the inside, all topped up with whipped cream and then a rainbow sprinkle-covered cinnamon bun. And just for an extra kick in the teeth, it comes in a bowl filled with Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

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When asked how many calories the milkshake contains, Pascal just laughed and said, "over 1,000." Are you a bad enough dude to drink this milkshake which is the size of a small dog? Probably not, but that's okay. There's no shame in being defeated by a milkshake that even a stoned, post-race Michael Phelps would probably only get through half of.