Hard to believe it's been almost two and a half years since Keizo Shimamoto introduced us to the Ramen Burger, and the lines haven't let up since. As lines are anathema to many of us, perhaps you (as I did) missed out on a newer Ramen Burger innovation: the Mushroom "Veggie" Burger. Yes, vegetarians, you can now spend your weekends queuing up for noodle burgers, too.

Shimamoto tells us the burger is composed of sliced crimini mushrooms, which the chef sautees in three different types of oil and finishes with a splash of soy sauce. Instead of the signature shoyu sauce, the vegetarian burger comes with homemade garlic aioli and arugula, sandwiched between the toothsome "buns" made up of soft ramen noodles that've been toasted on the flattop. There aren't actual veggies in the burger (scattering of scallions notwithstanding), but Shimamoto has been experimenting with a veggie patty, recently.

The burger is available on Saturdays and Sundays when the Ramen Burger operation pops up at the Industry City Smorgasburg and it can also be delivered to your door—along with the OG RB—if you live in Astoria, Long Island City and select parts of Brooklyn. Shimamoto is also operating his excellent Ramen Shack out of the Sunset Park winter pop-up if a steaming bowl of noodle soup is what you're looking for.