Photos by Celia Talbot Tobin

Earlier today we did a casual scroll through our Facebook news feed, and saw the above photos which were either showing two gentlemen drinking soup, or downing a noodle-heavy Bloody Mary. We investigated, and of course it was the latter. And since we like to be servicey here, we asked creator Matt Cook more about this Thing, which he calls a Spaghetti Mary—it comes with noodles, a meatball garnish, and seems sort of perfect for a Halloween party.

Cook (who created this for a Bloody Mary Takedown in Brooklyn over the weekend) was kind enough to share his recipe. Be warned, however, that "one of the testers barfed at the end."


Juiced tomatoes
White Wine Vinegar
Frank's Red Hot
Celery Salt
Bay Leaf

Horrifyingly, Cook added that "We ran out of vodka so we spiked it with white whiskey."

Ground beef
Diced onion
Frank's Red hot
Worcestershire sauce
Grated parmesan
Red pepper flakes
Garlic salt

Cook notes, "I don't really measure, but there it is by descending quantity." But hey, you're making a Bloody Mary with spaghetti and meatballs so you can't really fuck this up beyond the concept itself.