We're always looking for new ways to drink wine over at Gothamist HQ, so this story about stackable wine capsules caught our eye. As we type this, we're drinking out of a regular bottle of wine, like suckers. When we kick this bottle we won't even be able to stack it on top of anything. The design is so antiquated, really. But if we were college kids who were tired of playing drinking Jenga, or maybe bored housewives of the Jetsons era, we might have a package of Stacked Wine on our desk.

There are four single-serve capsules per "bottle," and reportedly they have a shelf life of 14 months. But if you are saving wine for 14 months then you are doing every little thing in life wrong.

Currently they're offering the packages of Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, and Merlot for $14.99 each. And remember, if you drink these in the park, scratch the brand off first.