It's difficult to be shocked in a world where Waffle Tacos and Doughnut Sandwiches are mainstream enough to show up on fast food menus. But the latest creation from evil genius Nick Chipman over at Dude Foods was insane enough to give this henceforth unflappable food blogger heart attack by proxy. Class, please give a warm welcome to the Double Decker Mac & Cheese Stuffed Bacon Weave Taco.

This madness was apparently created when a local news show stopped by Nick's Milwaukee digs to see how he came up with his mind-altering dishes. For this experiment, he started with a Bacon Weave Taco then added a larger, mac & cheese-stuffed bacon weave taco shell around the first taco. Apparently it's "amazing." I wouldn't not try it—just sayin'!

For his part, Nick concedes he has "no idea" where he can go from here. Once you've stuffed a taco into bacon and stuffed that bacon taco into a mac & cheese bacon taco there's not much else to do but stuff it in a deep dish pizza and deep fry it. That tip's for free, Nick!