Not since the Meat Munchkins has there been such a diabolical creation to come from Brooklyn's favorite coffee-and-pastry purveyor. Dunkin' Donuts will unleash the Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich upon the nation starting on June 7, which is apparently "National Donut (Doughnut) Day" so...mark your calendars, or whatever!

The arbiters of taste in Massachusetts had this one chance to destroy evil forever market-tested the sandwich and bought enough of them to warrant national release. The new breakfast creation—"Going Where No Breakfast Has Gone"...Before?—sandwiches bacon slices and a pepper fried egg between two halves of a Glazed Donut—though GrubStreet notes that the donut choice is customizable. Surprisingly, this sugar-soaked mess only runs 360 calories, making it less caloric than most of the other breakfast sandwiches the chain offers.

Can this donut-sandwich hybrid cut through the noise of the donut-sandwich hybrids that came before? Can this new food beast exist in the world of the Cronut? And most importantly: will our Boston-born Mayor eat it?