Wow, have we really been living in Cronut world for almost five years? And nearly five years later are we still subject to an endlessly desperate parade of hybrid pastries? Yes, and as long as Instagram exists, so, too, will these baked goods.

The latest entry comes from Black Seed Bagels and Nom Wah Kuai, two entities intimately familiar with both collaborations and food gimmicks. Dianna Daoheung, executive chef of Black Seed Bagels, and Julie Cole, of Nom Wah Kuai, are responsible for the "Baogel," a combination of a bagel and a bao bun.

"The Baogel will be filled with Nom Wah’s signature sweet pork belly, wrapped in Black Seed’s sesame bagel dough, and served with a side of house made chili cream cheese," the restaurants explain. The Baogel is shaped like a steamed cha siu bao with a golden exterior similar to the baked variety.

Beginning Wednesday, November 1st, the Baogel ($8.50) will be available at all three Black Seed Bagel locations, in addition to Nom Wah Kuai, which is located inside the Canal Street Market in Chinatown.