(AP/Burger King)

The latest battle in the Fast Food War is centered around budget menus—that special place where all your cravings are briefly met without breaking the bank, and all your dignity dies as you hate-eat your meal. According to the AP, Burger King's new weapon is a $1 French Fry Burger—which they hope will "fend off McDonald's aggressive push for its Dollar Menu."

The burger—packing 360 calories and 19 grams of fat—will be available starting in September, and offered through the Fall. And if you somehow haven't guessed already, it's a burger... topped with french fries. More specifically, their standard beef patty burger topped with FOUR FRENCH FRIES. Listen, if we're going to order a French Fry Burger we're going to need to go all the way with this, Burger King—this is 'Merica, we need at least 20 fries.

Rumor has it this is only one of their "cheap new concoctions," so look forward to more lazy frankedfood on the way.