Praise be: we finally have a chocolate Cronut! Dominique Ansel dropped the new flavor over the weekend (sneaky!), revealing that December's queue-making pastry will be Valrhona Chocolate Champagne—and they're using real bubbly!

The festive Cronut uses "actual fresh Brut Champagne," according to the bakery, as opposed to a champagne extract. They're also using Valrhona Caraibe 66% dark for the sinful chocolate component so it won't be cloyingly sweet. The final product gets dusted with an orange zest sugar, which kind of makes it sparkle and glitter and oh my god get in my mouth!

The bakery tells us response to this new flavor has been the biggest yet, so good luck gaining access to the online reservation system, which currently appears to be having a fit from all the traffic. The bakery still accepts pre-orders of 6 Cronuts or less if you call Mondays at 11 a.m.; otherwise, bundle up and brave the line.

Courtesy Dominique Ansel Bakery