Kossars packs a wallop

Jake visits Kossars for bagels and bialys on Grand Street, and the ladies behind the counter, mesmerized by his new Digital Rebel camera or dreams of being featured on Bluejake, let him check out their premises. Photographs at Bluejake and the Times' Ed Levine makes himself an easy target for carb lvoing NYers when he attempts to figure out which bagels (and bialys) in the city are best.

For some more Lower East Side nitty gritty, check out Lockhart Steele's Lower East Side Awards Parts I and II. Only LS can get Catherine, Joey, Felix, Ian, and, er, himself, to give their opinions on "Go To LES Restaurant" and "Favorite LES Trend/Event in 2003" (Catherine says, "Gotta be the blackout"; Joey says, "Blackout 2k3 on Ludlow St. Who knew that there were so many bongo-playing hippies on the LES? Who WANTED to know?"). Bookmark it for those emails you get from out of town friends who want to know "what to do when in NY" when they visit.