4743.jpgAs you may have heard, July is American Beer Month, and we’re in full celebration mode here at Gothamist. Not that we really need a reason to throw back all sorts of delicious, nationally crafted microbrews but the occasion serves as a handy reminder to try something new and explore what’s out there. So exploring we have done.

The fruits of our pursuit have been quite abundant but there is one beer that has stood out so notably that we had to make it our beer of the week. The reason for us selecting the Red Hook Sunrye Summer Ale for this title is simply - drinkability. For those true brew enthusiasts who seek out intense bitter notes and heavy hop flavors in their beer then this is not the beer for you. While we also like beers with lots of character and flavor, in the summer a light crisp beer is just the taste we are after. The Red Hook Summer Ale is light, clean and has the personality of a well-made ale without the weight. It’s the ale that you could have a few of and not feel the need to switch to a mass-produced light beer. For the full dossier on this beer click here.

It feels only right to celebrate American Beer Month with a beer that epitomizes the spirit of this great country – something you can enjoy in abundance.

Photo courtesy of ratebeer.com.