Who's more dedicated: milkshake pilgrims or beer nerds? A new docu short about Brooklyn's Other Half Brewing may give weight to the latter, showing lines of devotees circling the block looking to score a case of one of the brewery's popular, limited-edition collaborations.

Last October, a team from Kernel helped OHB film a video showing the reaction to the release of "Like Whoa," a collaboration brew between OHB and Trillium Brewing Company, a farmhouse style brewery based out of Massachusetts. Reaction to the release was so intense that they sold over 700 cases just two hours after opening the doors. Some patrons of beer had been waiting since early in the morning to get their hands on the limited edition brew.

There's even an underground beer trading system.

Queueing for the brewing has become something of a norm at OHB—and lines routinely form outside of places like Brooklyn Brewery, though that's just to sit in their brewery and get day drunk on Saturdays.

"OHB seems to produce the equivalent of 'Cronuts' for lack of a better analogy," Kernal's Timm Chiusano, who also happens to live around the corner, told us. "It's not unusual at all to see people around the block on Saturday mornings if not overnight waiting for cans to be released and they usually sell out that morning."

Here's another angle of the insanity captured by Chiusano about a year ago:

this is a line for @otherhalfnyc

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