Downtown carboloaders have reason to celebrate this week with the opening of Landbrot, a new German bakery and beer bar that's setting up shop in both the West Village and the Lower East Side.

The Village location is the bakery's flagship, boasting an impressive display of pastries, brezeln (fancy-looking soft pretzels) and breads, including the namesake Landbrot, a rye loaf that's been baked twice for an extra-intense crust. They're also serving a selection of savory Bavarian-flavored open-faced sandwiches, sausages, and bacon-topped flammkuchen, or flaming pies, a flatbread-esque Alsatian dish baked in a wood-fired oven. Oh, and there's beer, too (this is a German bakery, after all), from Bavarian breweries Höss, Hopf, Reutberger and Schonramer, available on tap or to take out in growler form.

The small seating area downstairs at the West Village location can get harried with the throngs of takeout customers crowding in and out, so camp out in the small upstairs area if you plan to break into that brezeln in peace. Or, better yet, head to the Lower East Side location, opening next week, which stays open until 4 a.m. nightly (except Sundays, when you'll be forced out at 2 a.m.).

137 Seventh Avenue South // 185 Orchard Street // no phone yet