The fate of whether New Yorkers may legally sell ice cream made with beer or hard cider (hell, why not both?) now rests in Governor Andrew Cuomo's hands, as the New York State Assembly passed a bill yesterday that would legalize ice cream made with those adult beverages. (The State Senate passed their version of the bill last week.) The boozy ice cream would be limited to 5 percent alcohol by volume, and would require labeling and warning statements. Sales to customers under 21 years old would be prohibited.

Wine ice cream was made legal in New York State back in 2008, and then snack-sized wine ice-cream cups were legalized last year. We're still holding out for Châteauneuf-du-Pape Dippin' Dots.

"Farmers and brewers already enjoy a great symbiotic relationship and this legislation will clear the way for a new product that will capitalize on homegrown New York ingredients," said the Senate bill's sponsor, Senator James L. Seward, on Thursday. He also revealed that the bill was suggested by a central New York restaurant, Gilligan's Island, that makes homemade ice cream.

The bill now awaits the governor's signature. Cuomo been a cheerleader for New York's craft beer industry, cideries, and dairy farming, so a beer-cider-ice cream law seems like a no-brainer.