2003_10_leverrestaurant.jpgThe Daily News gives the Lever House Restaurant three stars. Pascale Le Draoulec loves the restaurant - entrees are a mixed bag, desserts are fabulcous, cocktails need "fine-tuning," great service, sexy ambience - but the review is heavy-handed with bee references - a nod to the honeycomb interior design elements.
- Title: This hive's a honey of a spot
- The all-American tartar sauce that comes with the lobster Tempura seems stuck in the era of beehive hairdos.
- The honeycomb structure is a motif throughout the sexy, downtown dining room, which buzzes with electricity.
- Somehow, designer Marc Newson makes retro and futuristic go together like, well, bees and honey.
- [Pastry chef Deborah Snyder's] cookies are the bees' knees.

Maybe if Gothamist finds a honeypot of money, we'll be able to try out the Lever House Restaurant. However, in the meantime, we'll have to go stealth mode (like a wasp? a mosquito?) to at least check out the inside, which does look bee-you-tiful.

Lever House website (no menu yet, just address and phone number): 390 Park Ave. (Midtown East/Murray Hill) at 53rd Street, 212-888-2700.
More about Lever House from New York magazine.
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