For just one street, Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg sure has seen a lot of drama in the past few years. Between the bike lane protests, the skateboarding teens, and the dog-carrying beatdowns, another conflict has emerged, and it's taking the form of falafel, as dueling vendors battle it out for sandwich supremacy.

Longtime neighborhood favorite Oasis, which sits oh-so-conveniently atop the Bedford Ave. L station at North 7th Street, is losing customers to the newfangled Taim Mobile truck, which parks just around the corner on Bedford. The Post gives the situation a political twist, pointing out that Oasis is run by Palestinians and Taim by Israelis. Oh, and Oasis offers their version for a mere $3, while the Taim sandwiches go for more than double that, running $6.50. “It’s not fair for us," said Oasis's owner, Ihad Jibril. "We pay a lot of rent and they don’t.”

But the real issue here is not the price or the background of the owners: what it really comes down to is the battle between different kinds of falafel. We speak from experience when we say that Oasis's version is quite excellent. For many years, it was our standby: pliant pitas that never busted in the bottom corner, a crispy, generous portion of falafel balls, and the best pickles in the city. It's old-school, a classic. But we recently tried Taim's version, and have to admit that we were impressed. It's a fancified sandwich, with made-to-order falafel balls and artisanal toppings like mango-fenugreek chutney. So, despite our love of Oasis, we conceded that Taim's falafel was also really, really good.

Who will win? It's too early to tell just yet. Should you wish to pull a Switzerland and remain neutral, there's always Doner Turkish Food just down the street from both Oasis and Taim, which one Yelper describes as "possibly the best falafel I've ever had."

UPDATE: Actually, you can't be like Switzerland! A tipster points out, "Doner has closed and currently being renovated and its name is now Lemonata, a shiny bright white and yellow storefront—whatever that will be."