Just what NYC hasn't been waiting for: The AWOL USA Alcohol Without Liquid machine, that turns whiskey or vodka into a breathable mist. Yeah, Gothamist has no idea why, since most people have got mouths. Apparently, the machine gives breathers a "euphoric high" rather than a massive buzz (or hangover), and will debut tonight in the Meatpacking District at Trust Lounge. But one NYU med school professor thinks it's problematic since people will not realize how drunk they are, and lawmakers think the alcohol mist machine will be what all the kids wants, with Westchester County Executive Andrew Spano telling reporters, "It's portable, and it will wind up at parties with kids...We don't want it in Westchester, and, in fact, we don't want it in the state." Did we mention this is from Britain, where boozing is taken to a high art? For shame! Ten years ago, you gave us barely sober Oasis...now this?

The photo is from the AWOL website, and to paraphrase Tony Soprano, we thought, that's kinda gay, no? Anyway, Gothamist braces ourselves for the advent of commercialized glue sniffing, scented fart machines, and intravenous alcohol use.