A new bar called Beast of Bourbon has reared its head in Bed-Stuy, joining local dives like Brooklyn Stoops and Project Parlor on a once lonely stretch of Myrtle Avenue. Owned and operated by Sureshan Pather, who also owns the popular Bed-Stuy pub Black Swan, Beast of Bourbon celebrated its official opening last week and has been doing healthy business ever since.

Located on the corner of Myrtle Avenue and Spencer Street, the bar's exterior is unremarkable and industrial, covered in metal siding and cement. There is no obvious signage (with the exception of a red stamp by the driveway) and the window is recessed in a way that obscures the view from the street.

(Gabrielle Sierra/Gothamist)

The exterior may be harsh, but the interior is inviting, with multiple rooms, bars, and comfortable seating. The front room has a jukebox, tables and chairs, and a small bar. Band stickers adorn the walls. A narrow staircase leads you up onto a small second level with a pool table overlooking the front room. Almost all of the drinks at the front bar are under $5, including five of the six tap beers and all well drinks.

DNAinfo reported that Beast of Bourbon "is serving up bottles of Miller High Life in brown paper bags — and charging $10 a time." Asked about the pricey brown bag beer special, Rhiannon Ford, the Assistant Manager, told us they'd lowered the price to $8, and also adjusted prices on other booze and food since opening. "We offer the 7 oz High Life stubby bottles for $3 and thought it would be cool to do a 40 oz in a bottle and brown bag to add to the dive bar theme," added Ford. "We're also are doing beer/shot specials: Stubby High Life/Whiskey shot for $5 and a can of Lions Head/Whiskey shot for $6."

(Gabrielle Sierra/Gothamist)

The main bar is in a massive back room serving over 40 beers and 200 types of whiskey. One wall behind the bar houses a frozen beverage machines churning out strong frozen mint juleps and whiskey concoctions.

(Gabrielle Sierra/Gothamist)

The food menu is packed with smoked meat and various sides, served on a bun or on a sheet of butcher paper. Offerings include sandwiches like the PBR- Pulled pork, bacon and relish on a roll ($10), and the Gobble Gobble Hey!- Turkey, bacon, pickled cabbage on a roll ($11), meats like brisket ($21/lb) and bourbon bacon ($16/lb), and sides like mac and cheese and collard greens ($5 for a small, $9 for large.)

(Gabrielle Sierra/Gothamist)

All of your booze and food can be enjoyed from a seat at the horseshoe shaped bar, or from a spot at one of the many long beer-garden style tables and benches. A fire pit, which is not yet active, will help warm the large raw-loft space during the winter months. There's also a small backyard for those still eager to spend some time in the open air before the cold arrives, although managers say they may put in a few heat lamps.

(Gabrielle Sierra/Gothamist)

While Beast of Bourbon's bar and BBQ elements are fully up and running, the live music component is still being worked out. The owners plan to install a stage to showcase local rock bands and artists.

710 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn