Jake loves ribsIt's taken a month to calculate exactly how much was eaten at the 1st Annual Big Apple Barbecue Block Party, but here are the numbers:

- 2194 pounds of whole hog
- 2302 pounds of pork shoulder
- 2275 pounds of pork ribs
- 1200 pounds of chicken wings
- 6,840 slices of white bread
- 5,400 cans of Coca-Cola
- 1,800 bottles of Dasani water
- 7,440 cups of Brooklyn Brewery’s Blue Smoke Original Ale, Blanche de Brooklyn, Brooklyn Lager, and Brooklyn Light Ale.

Champion pitmaster Mike Mills called it “one of the most awesome events” in which he’d participated. “In barbecue language, it was a 10, and that means unsurpassed.” Awesome!

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